Silverback Jiu Jitsu Academy was established in 2018 by Coach Mario Silverback, in order to share his passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Coach Mario teaches his students that regardless of age, skill level, previous experience, if they put the hours in on the mat they will see the rewards. 


Coach Mario's passionate for BJJ shows in each and every lesson, focusing on different parts each time. He is a high ranking Coach, who combines excellent student ratios in art training facilities in SBG Ireland under John Kavanagh, and is a graduated of an instructor programme, that represents more than 9 years of teaching. Coach Mario is with his students every step of the way, to help them reach their individual goals.


Coach Mario has many achievements since he stared training, including championships and is a multi-medalist:

  • Gold NAGA Ireland 2016

  • Double Gold Abu Dhabi Trails World Professional Jiu Jitsu 2015

  • Silver NAGA Europeans 2014 

  • Multi-medalist in Ireland BJJ competition scene

Coach Mario's mission and focus of his programme is to provide students with the highest quality BJJ instruction, in a safe and positive learning environment that people of all ages can enjoy.


His students can improve self-esteem, concentration, discipline, self-control and self-defence. As students advance in rank from white to black belt they gain the knowledge and experience that will last a lifetime.